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Harold E. Stringer

Deceased: 07/29/11

age 76, of Concord, AL, passed away on July 29, 2011. Harold served in the Air Force from 1951 till he retired in 1972, he then finished his working career, retiring from the Jefferson CO. Sheriff's Dept in 1994. He was a loving Husband, Dad and Paw-Paw and was loved very much by others. Harold loved spending time with his family, watching Alabama football, and Atlanta Braves. He will always be loved and missed! We will love you always and you will always be in our hearts!. Survivors: wife, Shelby Stringer; sons, Jerry Strawbridge"Katie" Concord, James Strawbridge"Kathy" Sylacauga; daughters, Lisa Pack"Gary" Hueytown, Tommie Murray of Graysville; Sister, Janice Atkinson, West Virginia; brother, Jimmy Dooley, West Virginia; grandsons, Chris Whitfield, Kevin Stringer, Tyler Strawbridge, Dakota Strawbridge, Skyler Stawbridge, Bret Kimbrell; granddaughter, "THE ONE AND ONLY" Brandy Wells"Kenneth"; great-grandson, Jared Wells. Funeral services will be held at Patterson-Forest Grove Funeral Home Chapel Monday, August 1, 2011 at 2:00 P.M with burial in Forest Grove Memorial Gardens. Rev. Jimmy Bradford officiating. Visitation will be held on Sunday, July 31, 5-7 P.m at Funeral Home. A Special Thanks to V.A. Home Palliative Care and Wiregrass Hospice.


Katrina Brannon
Harold, You gave me a job when I didn't ever think I would find one. I made such a mess making biscuits, you moved me to cashier at Burger King. You were family on top of that! Your humor kept me laughing and your love for people beside your exterior was just unimaginable! Thank you for all you did for me, thank you for loving my family. I will see you again in heaven and I got a hug waiting for you!

Brandy Wells
Paw-Paw, I love you so much...I miss you more than you'll ever know. Please if you're watching over us, Please help the family. We havent even had a chance to greive over you or Grandma! I also know that you would roll over in ur grave if you could read granma obituary...with all these extra grand kids and supposly extra great-grandkids! Paw-Paws ur obituary was nothing like Grandma's...and that's bc Grandma was around to control what was said on urs. But we couldnt control somethings...Paw-Paw please help me understand...I need you so much right now. I need you to talk to me and help me through this!! See you have a daughter that says she was there for you and took care of you, and watch you suffer! But I know better bc the people that was there was your son Jerry, ur daughter Tommie, and ur ONE AND ONLY GRANDAUGHTER Brandy (me) and Katie (Jerry's) girlfriend!!! Lisa was never there for grandma...but she tells people she was!! She was only at the hospital with you just so she can spend time with her boyfriend. But she's the one that goes around calling us the "LIERS"!! Paw-Paw, please let the truth be shown to everyone!! I love you and need you more and more everyday...I'm the one who called you everyday and layed next to you in your bed everyday not Lisa!! And Jerry, mom, and Katie made sure you had ur medicine and Katie! I loved the way you always told me that I will always be #1 in ur book!! Paw-Paw, please help me let go! Please! I cry for you almost everynight as I hold your's and grandma's pillow that ya'll slept on everynight until you both passed away!! Please help us let the truth be known as Lisa has everyone of her "friends" think that her family is so bad!! When it was her who started this mess to begin with. She was the one who had a "boyfriend" and a husband, going back and forth between both (paw-paw you know this bc you were still here when it was going on)she would "USE" u as an excuse to stay at the hospital, saying she was with you, but it was really to spend time with her "boyfriend"! She put her problems on her family to handle while we were trying to grieve over u, but we couldnt even do that. We still havent done that and it's been 9 months for u and 3 months for grandma and still having a hard time!! Go to her Paw-paw and tell her to take responsibility for her own actions and quit blaming everyone in the family for what SHE done wrong!! And you could also tell her that you dont like all these extra kids on grandma's obituary bc they never came around at all!! What was it Grandma used to ALWAYS say? "If you can't come see me while I'm alive, dont bother coming to see me when I'm dead"!! Those are her words!! So I know you wouldnt want them on hers. They never called you, they never came over, they never sat in urs or grandma's lap, they never called you Paw-Paw or Grandma (Granny) We did...Chris, Kevin, Dakota, Tyler, Skyler, and ur one and only granddaughter Brandy (me)and of course your great grandson Jared! We are the ones who were there for you and Grandma!! Please Paw-Paw, let the truth show, help us!! I love you and miss you so very much!!!!!! Paw-Paw the sad thing is...is that she actually believes she done nothing wrong. That its everyone in the family that are "LIERS" and she dont lie at all!! How can the whole family be in volved in this mess, but have only "one innocent Person in the family"? Help us understand!She also says that we need to "grow up" but she hasnt taken a look in the mirror lately! She tried to "act innocent" and HER friends believe the load of crap she puts on!! But that's ok bc soon they'll find out the truth about her also!! I love you Paw-Paw...please dont give up on me...I'll see you at the gates of heaven, with arms wide open!! Love your one and only Granddaughter ~BRANDY~

Harold Stringer
I loved my father and spoke to him often. He had 3 wonderful Grandsons Zechariah Stringer, Jared Stringer, and Noah Stringer. I was not given the opportunity to be at my father's funeral or bedside. I found out that my father passed away from the obituary that was on the internet. Will always Love you Dad. Love Harold Eugene Stringer